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  • HPP is a great option for keeping fresh flavor of juices and smoothies. 
  • This non-thermal process keeps original fruit/vegetable taste and color, allowing the creation of the highest quality premium range of products.
  • The real taste of a freshly squeezed juice..
  • Juice products where flavour and nutritional values are seriously compromised by heat treatment, can now be High Pressure Processed. I.e.: Pomegranate, apple, carrot, broccoli, beetroot, etc.
  • Nutritional and functional properties of the product remain intact.
  • One of the main trends that is making HPP successful is the development of natural, organic, preservative free, and functional products. 
  • HPP as a non-thermal and delicate post-packaging lethality intervention, allows development of healthier food: rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and thermosensitive antimutagenic components, bringing a higher level of functionality to new products.