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The function of this husker is to tear off the leaves from the raw cob. It  can be equipped with various different husking roll sets to suit the requirements of seed and/or sweet corn.

Main components:

  • Metering conveyor with feed rate adjustment.
  • Shaker feeder allowing continuous distribution of the cobs across the width of the husking bed.
  • Husking section with husking rolls arranged into several pairs of lanes which turn in opposite direction to each other to tear off the leaves which then fall under the rolls and are discharged at the end of the husking bed.

A great variety of husking rolls (material, shape and hardness) allow the machine to be adapted to the cob quality handled and differring working conditions

This machine can also be used for other applications such as tearing of the carrot leaves.

Machine output for Sweet Corn Husking:

  •  4 couloirs / lanes :  5 t/h
  •  8 couloirs / lanes :  8 t/h
  • 12 couloirs / lanes : 12 t/h
  • 16 couloirs / lanes: 16 t/h

Hourly capacity means input capacity (tonnage of raw cobs to be handled).