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This machine grades the beans into 2 grades based on their diameter. The smaller beans are discharged over the drum end while the larger beans leave at the end of the drum.
The drum consists of V-shaped fixed bars and cylindrical movable bars between them which can be adjusted to the required grading gap. A mechanical system at the upper part of the drum opens the gap at its maximum size in order  to release green beans caught between the grading bars

The T43L and T46 Grader models are equipped with one single drum which allows the green beans to be graded into two grades.

The T44 Grader model is equipped with 2 in-line drums and allows the beans to be graded into 2 or 3 grades.

The grading gap of  T43L and T44 Graders is adjustable in the "off" position.

The grading gap of the T46 Grader can be adjusted in operation. Dependent on its equipment, the T46 model provides several grading gap adjustment ranges. Optionally, it can also be equipped with a remote-controlled adjusting system.

The kilo capacity of a green bean grader depends on the size of the green beans handled.

Machine output capacity for Green Bean

T43 : 1.2 t/h

T44 : 1.2 t/h

T46 : 3 t/h

T47 : 6 t/h