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Automatic corn orienter cutter feeder CCM

Automatic corn orienter cutter feeder CCM:
Automatic Unit That Feeds And Cuts Ears 
A self-contained production machine that orientates, feeds and cuts ears of corn with increased production volume and orientation efficiency. Units are adaptable to an existing cutting room and require little or no modifications to existing conveyors.

Features :

Self Clearing: Computer sensors are activated automatically to instantaneously clear product jams in the cutter head. The system maintains virtually uninterrupted product flow.
Sanitation: All parts in contact with product are of stainless steel or food grade plastic, and are easily accessible for cleaning.
Compatibility: On line capability without major structural changes to present system. Available for belt or oscillating system.
Cutter Feed System: Unique belt feeder system assures gentle handling and maintains center alignment of ears for a top quality cut of finished product.
Design Units: are sturdy and compact in size thus requiring minimal floor space. Designed to facilitate low maintenance costs. Hydraulic drive system with air actuated cylinders for primary control.
Electrical Low 12 Volt computerized system for added safety.

Machine output capacity
110 cobs / minute